Friday, May 16, 2008

California same-sex unions will have no legal standing in Utah - Salt Lake Tribune

Posted: 10:21 PM- Gay-rights militants in Beehive State see the Golden State Supreme Court's opinion to let cheery matrimony as a victory, though they admit it is only a symbolical 1 for same-sex couples in the Beehive State. "The Golden State Supreme Court have recognized that cheery and cheery woman people and their households rate the same self-respect and regard as other households and other people in society," said Sen. George C. Scott McCoy, D-Salt Lake City, who is openly gay and have worked for same-sex matrimony laws. "That is a moral triumph for cheery and gay woman people and households in Utah. Unfortunately, that is about all it is."
While the Bay State gay-marriage law lets only state occupants to wed, California's law have no such as limitation, and many anticipate Beehive State same-sex couples to get married in the Golden State. However, such as labor unions wouldn't have got legal acknowledgment in Utah. In 2004, Beehive State electors passed Amendment 3 to the state constitution, defining matrimony as being exclusively between a adult male and a woman. But Monte Stewart, president of the Orem-based Marriage Law Foundation, said he anticipates same-sex couples around the state - including Beehive State - to register for acknowledgment of a California-sanctioned matrimony in their ain states. "In my judgment, Amendment 3 brands Utah's policy clear," said Stewart, who have fought against same-sex matrimony laws and for the constitutional amendment. Advertisement

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