Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Abu Dhabi and Dubai Property Showcased At Cityscape 2008

Burnley, Lancashire, United Kingdom, 05/13/2008 - Cityscape Abu Dhabi 2008, the international place investing and networking event, is owed to open up today May 13 at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre and will run until May 15.

The Cityscape event conveys together regional and international investors, interior designers and designers, place developers, governmental government and senior executive directors involved in the designing and building of public and private development place for sale in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and across the United Arabian Emirates. The event is a cardinal day of the month in the calendar for Sandcastles-property.com arsenic Abu Dhabi is currently the 2nd biggest marketplace for place investing in the UAE behind Dubai. Sandcastles-property.com will be represented at the conferencing event by their new concern development director Simon Peter Young. "The Cityscape events pull a batch of investors, place people and media. We will be looking with involvement at new commercial and residential place developments in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other Emirates to add to the sandcastles portfolio of place in the UAE," said Simon Peter Young. "Abu Dhabi is currently our fastest growth part for place investing in the Emirates, and together with Dubai do up the core of our business," added Simon Peter Young. The Cityscape event is now in its 2nd year, after attracting over 15,000 visitants to its inaugural event in Abu Dhabi last year. "Cityscape's introduction last twelvemonth surpassed all expectations. This twelvemonth we anticipate to pull more than than than 25,000 visitants from over 100 states with undertakings from more than 50 countries," said Mark Goodchild, Undertaking Manager, Cityscape Abu Dhabi Cityscape will also host the Cityscape Center East Real Number Estate Awards 2008, which will observe excellence in existent estate development and investing throughout the region. The prize-giving ceremonial will be held during a gala affair dinner on the first nighttime of the existent estate event (Tuesday 13 May 2008) at the Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi Cityscape Dubai 2008 is owed to take topographic point later this twelvemonth from October 6-9 and will have investing place for sale in Dubai.

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