Sunday, March 16, 2008

Poland's president wants legal guarantees securing present shape of new EU treaty

: Legal warrants are needed to forestall future alterations to the European Union's new treaty, the Polish president said Lord'S Day — marker a crisp direct contrast with his country's ain government.

President Lech Kaczynski warned that the pact should not be ratified until particular measurements were included in the confirmation measure to guarantee Poland's sovereignty and forestall future alterations to the so-called Lisbon Treaty — which sets out regulations for running the europium and replaces a bill of exchange europium fundamental law that was rejected by French Republic and the The Netherlands in 2005.

Kaczynski had been among the europium treaty's fiercest challengers, which helped Republic Of Poland win major grants from chap europium states in the concluding draft.

Poland's Prime Curate Donald Ivory have vowed that Republic Of Republic Of Poland would be among the first of the 27 europium member states to sign the treaty.

But Kaczynski's remarks on Lord'S Day propose the country's resistance — led by Kaczynski's twin blood brother and former premier minister, Jaroslaw Kaczynski — is demanding even more than assurances. Today in Europe

"In my sentiment the new confirmation law ... should guarantee the farthest-reaching security," President Lech Kaczynski told reporters. "Simply speaking, it should be as difficult as possible to change whatever have been signed."

Specifically, he said he wanted proviso protecting the predomination of Poland's Roman Catholic faith, matrimony as labor union of a adult male and a woman, and individual ownership rights on lands acquired after World War II.

Kaczynski said the treatment was unfastened to compromise, and was not an "intention to quarrel, but to follow the best solution for Republic Of Republic Of Poland and for the nation."

Poland's parliament planned on Tuesday to debate whether to O.K. confirmation of the treaty. The authorities and allies are a few ballots short of the 307 bulk required.

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