Saturday, March 22, 2008

Medical School Ups Financial Aid

In an unprecedented enterprise to cut down debt degrees for medical students, Harvard University Checkup School Dean Jeffrey S. Flier announced today that the school will get rid of the household part starting adjacent twelvemonth for pupils whose parents gain less than $120,000 annually. The move intends that the Checkup School, one of the biggest of the elite medical schools, will have got a more than generous fiscal assistance programme than all but a few of the nation's colleges. The yearly cost of attending the Checkup School is approximately $65,000, according to school officials.The enterprise stands for a 40 percent, or $3 million, addition in Checkup School's assistance budget, and will impact one 3rd of the 700 mendelevium students, according to a missive Flier sent to the Checkup School community today.

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