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Identity theft hurts victims in many ways

Tuesday, April 01,

Of The Patriot-News

It can do you fiscal headaches, take calendar months to repair and
happen right under your olfactory organ without you knowing about it.

Identity larceny is one of the fastest growth law-breakings in
America, and the U.S. Postal Service, the Federal Soldier Trade
Commission and local government desire you to cognize how to
protect yourself.

"Somehow they acquire a clasp of the information and tally up
a measure without the victim knowing," said Dauphin County
District Lawyer Prince Edward M. Marsico Jr.

Most personal identity larcenies his business office sees are connected to mail,
he said. The lawsuits prosecuted by his business office often involve
someone getting entree to the victim's birthday, Social
Security figure or recognition card numbers.

Last year, nearly 10 million Americans were victims of
identity theft, a law-breaking that cost them about $5 billion,
according to the FTC.

Only about 2 per centum of the victims reported that the theft
was connected to the mail, an FTC study showed, but
Postmaster General Toilet Potter said that percentage is too

"We will maintain working to do the mail even more than secure
and endeavor to cut down that per centum to zero," he said
in statement. "Your personal personal identity is valuable."

Personal information is gold for identity thieves. They will
do just about anything to acquire to it, including rummaging
through rubbish looking for measures and other paper with your
personal information on it, government said.

Criminals then unfastened recognition card business relationships in your name and
don't pay the bill. They might change the billing
address on your recognition card so you no longer have bills,
the FTC said.

"If person steals it to perpetrate deceitful acts, it can
affect every facet of your life -- your recognition standing,
your ability to purchase a auto or house, even acquire a occupation or
medical care," Potter said.

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If you're a victim of personal identity larceny and the U.S. mail
is involved, phone call your nighest Postal Inspection Service
office and police. For the Capital Of Pennsylvania area, the figure of
the postal review business office is 257-2330.

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