Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Medicare Fraud - What to Do if You Suspect Medicare Fraud

Medicare fraud aches all of us with higher costs, higher taxes, and, since those who deliberately victimize Medicare are felons who feed on people in demand of medical help, the increased likeliness that the patients themselves may not be receiving the treatment or services they need.

Medicare fraud consequences in the loss of 100s of billions of dollars each year, and patients and households are the first line of defence when it come ups to preventing Medicare fraud. One of the ways to make this is to look over your Medicare Summary Notice (MSN) when you acquire it to make certain you cognize what all the points and services listed are and find whether or not you actually received everything listed.

If you make not understand the statement or do not believe you received something on the list, phone call the doctor's business office and have got it explained to you. If you make not have a satisfactory answer, you can then name the company that paid your Medicare claim. Their contact information will be listed on your MSN and they have got a vested involvement in helping you forestall Medicare fraud. If you believe person have got committed Medicare fraud and make not have the MSN, you can name the hotline at 1-800-447-8477

You can also assist forestall Medicare fraud before it haps by being a smart consumer. For example, be more than than leery of any supplier who claims to be endorsed by Medicare or the government...particularly if they claim to stand for Medicare or novice contact with you via teleselling or as a door-to-door salesmen.

Giving your Medicare Health Insurance Claim Number or Medicare card to a supplier who claims that "Medicare doesn't usually cover this, but we cognize how to acquire them to pay for it" is asking for trouble, as is dealing with suppliers who claim that "Medicare desires you to have got this". Medicare is an coverage programme - what coverage company have got got you ever heard of that desires to pay for more than than they absolutely have to?

Also, you should not give your card or figure to any supplier who states they will make something for you for free and all you necessitate to make is give them your Medicare number. You can wager they will charge Medicare for something...and you probably will not have got received it.

Medicare fraud is an in progress job and you can assist halt it.

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